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June, 2015

Social Media Tips for Retail Businesses

Social media for businesses is more than seeing how many likes or followers you can get. It’s about joining quality conversations within relevant online communities. As a retail business owner, it’s important for you to understand what needs to be done behind the scenes of your social media efforts and when you’re face-to-face with consumers. […]

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How to Motivate Your Millennial Employees

Kids these days. With their Instagram and their Snapchat and their Dick Tracy Apple watches. Who understands them anymore? You offer them a raise, and they turn it down to work from home. You give them a great review, and they ask why you didn’t say anything sooner. It’s almost as frustrating as a relationship. […]

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Giving Effective Business Presentations

Remember the worst class you ever had? It probably included a teacher who talked with about as much inflection as a buzz saw, went on forever, and never gave you any information you’d remember once the bell rang. Now imagine he was trying to sell you something. Believe it or not, there are people in […]

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