As a medical service provider your passion is helping to heal patients and creating a healthier world. Every medical provider, regardless of the practice or clinic type, knows how dealing with reimbursements from healthcare companies can be costly – both in time and the bottom line. The back and forth of insurance claims and billing practices that have been created in the US medical system are nearly impossible to navigate, and, at times, can hinder the cash flow to medical facilities across the country.


Unpacking the Problem

In the United States, patients have different insurance providers – some are insured privately through their jobs while others go through the government with Medicaid or Medicare. The wide range of insurance providers in the US creates barriers for medical providers when they submit billing details. Not only does every insurance provider have different processes and requirements for billing, but they also have different reimbursement rates and timelines.


Doctors Lined UpNavigating the billing process of every insurance provider is sure to lead to delays of payments for medical providers, hindering their ability to access much-needed cash flow for the business side of things. If you’re a medical provider, surely, you’re familiar with these issues and how the payment process can disrupt your practice financially, sometimes leading to periods of time where an influx of cash is needed quickly, this is where United Business Funding can help.


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How Can UBF Help?

As a small business loan provider, UBF can work with your practice to grant the loan you need to maintain operations or invest in your business during times of minimal cash flow. We have Fast, Flexible Loans Designed for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals. With rising operational costs and the bureaucracy of reimbursements, many successful medical practices have partnered with United Business Funding to secure medical practice loans.



How do Medical Practice Loans Work?

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A bit different from typical small business loans, medical practice loans don’t require personal collateral to be granted, and they won’t show up on your personal credit report. The ways in which medical practice loans can be used are very flexible, so whether you qualify for $20,000 or $500,000, you’ll be able to decide how to spend the money for your practice. UBF offers flexible repayment options and can have the money in your bank account in as little as 48 Hours to a few business days from application approval.

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Is UBF the Right Lender?

Not only do we see all of our clients as partners instead of numbers, but our team of experts has extensive experience in lending to healthcare providers. We have gained a deep understanding of how businesses like yours operate, allowing us to tailor a solution that best serves you. Our streamlined borrowing process can get you funds quickly if you’re in a pinch, without the endless stacks of paperwork you’ll find elsewhere. See how much funding your medical practice qualifies for.


Healthcare providers don’t get enough credit for the job they do, and they definitely shouldn’t have to jump through all the hoops that they do today, but unfortunately, we can’t change that reality. We can, however, ensure that your medical practice is never interrupted or threatened due to a lack of funds. Call UBF today to discuss your options for a medical practice loan!