While the U.S. is no stranger to the electric vehicle what most auto repair shop owners are struggling with these days is…their mechanics are simply not qualified to repair these hi-tech computers on wheels! Below are a few ideas for auto repair shops that would like to re-vamp and re-tool their repair shops to be ready for the onslaught of new EV vehicles that will soon be rolling into their service bays.


First Up: The Hybrid Question!

There are thousands upon thousands of hybrid vehicles already on the road, and they have been for at least the past 10 years! And while auto repair specialists across the U.S. have been trained to repair these types of vehicles, there are still thousands of auto repair techs that lack training in this area. One thing many auto repair shops are doing, is taking out a small business auto repair shop loans to send some of their mechanics for specialized training schools to learn the ropes. A small monetary investment in your team, using an unsecured business loan, can help ease some of the stress around offering these services to your customers. And the best part is, using a business loan to fund your auto repair shop keeps the money you’re generating on routine repairs “in-house”, while investing in your team for the future.


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Overhead of mechanic looking under a car hoodWe’re Talking First Class Here…

Tesla owners, as well as ALL your customers, deserve the most comfortable and accommodating service waiting areas. Let’s face it, if you’re going to be opening your business up to electric vehicle owners, they WILL need a spotless service waiting area to help pass time while their vehicles are being serviced. Some customers will need computer workstations, some will need charging stations for their personal devices. Things like a grab-and-go food center, a hot coffee station, and big screen TVs will make your customers feel comfortable and respected when they pull into your shop. What’s that you say? Your service waiting area needs a facelift? No problem. A business financing package just may do the trick. Borrowing 10 thousand, even 50 thousand for your auto repair shop, is a very easy task when working with a private lending source. The business loan you acquire can be used to help upgrade that service waiting area your customer’s demand.


Get the Word Out!

The old saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money”. But what they don’t tell you is where’s that money going to come from!?! If you decide that you’d like to offer electronic vehicle servicing to your auto repair shop business – how will you get the word out? Signage in front of your auto repair shop could work but you must think about the location of your business and how that sign will be seen. Other ways to let your customers know that you are accepting electric vehicles to your already fine services, is to create a print ad, or digital advertising campaign, either way advertising and marketing are essential to letting your customers know what to expect when they arrive to your repair shop. Many auto repair shop businesses already know that a small business loan can help offset the costs of this advertising campaign and help you save you money overall.


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Stock UpElectronic Vehicles Charging Station

Right now, your service bays are probably full of traditional combustion engine motor vehicles. And we bet your inventory of parts and tools, that are used for the modern gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUV’s, is stacked up high on all your shelves. But what will you do to prepare for the new wave of electric cars that will be rolling into your shops? Do you need new tools to work on these electric vehicles? How about parts that are specifically designed for EV cars? Your auto repair shop must be prepared for this transition from traditional motor vehicle repair to electronic vehicle repair and service to stay competitive and grow your business.


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