There’s always plenty to do around the holiday season (and we’re not just talking about shopping and baking) we’re talking about things business owners can do to prepare their businesses–and their employees–for the upcoming holiday season! Experts predict 2021’s holiday season shopping is going to be one of the best we’ve had in years! Let’s take a look at the 5 best ways business owners can prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Hire Staff

Companies from all industries are hiring now to prepare for the holiday season. There are openings in every phase of retail, from Amazon to Walmart. Delivery services like UPS and FedEx are also hiring and paying big money too! Ask yourself, “could my business take advantage of hiring additional staff before the holiday season kicks in”? Of course it can! Hiring early will give you time to train new people so that they’re ready to go when holiday madness kicks in. Don’t have money to hire additional staff? No problem, business financing from independent lenders can help you hire the staff you need to cash in big this holiday season.

Boost Your Inventory

Businesses need all kinds of inventory to run their businesses. Whether it’s stock for their shelves or shipping materials for on-line orders, stocking up on all the things you need to make your holiday season profitable is a smart business decision. What’s that you say, you do not have the cash to layout to purchase all the things you need to make this holiday selling season sing? No problem, lending platforms are available to provide you with the funds you need to order supplies, inventory, vehicles, or equipment. Business financing from independent lenders, not banks, are always available to get you the funds you need. Depending on the qualifications the lender you choose requires, you can borrow as little as 10,000 and up to 2 million dollars to help boost inventory and supplies. That ought to jingle your bells!


Not every business needs to advertise during the holiday season. Surely trucking businesses, wholesalers or medical professionals who may be looking for business financing are not really in the advertising and marketing game. But retail stores, restaurants and beauty salons could benefit greatly from a little extra advertising and marketing to help boost their holiday sales. Don’t have enough money to put together a robust advertising campaign for the holidays? No problem. Business financing from independent business loan lenders can help. Borrowing funds to help advertise your business is a smart move! Keep in mind, business financing from independent lending firms is often better than borrowing funds from a bank. Read more information about loan lenders here.

Drive My Car

Uber, Door Dash, and other on-demand delivery services are not what we are talking about here. What we are talking about is your trucking business. Does your trucking company deliver goods to the public? Is your commercial trucking company running your current vehicles into the ground because you just can’t seem to find the cash to purchase new vehicles? The last thing you want is your trucks breaking down on Christmas eve and ruining your reputation. Why not invest in your trucking company business with a business cash boost from an independent loan lender. Obtaining funds for your business, prior to the holiday season, almost guarantees that you and your customers products will make it to the shelves before this holiday shopping season.

You Gotta Look Sharp!

The one thing people usually overlook during the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season is personal care. Personal care (i.e., haircuts, manicures, massages) is one of the most important parts of staying well during the holiday season. If you’re a beauty salon, barber shop or nail salon you can benefit greatly by applying for a business funding package. Upgrading your salon equipment or purchasing beauty supplies will make your shop look full, active, and engaged with the latest trends and products. Think of it, all sorts of new customers might be coming your way prior to a big party or event—they’re going to want to look their best—and when they visit your place of business, you’ll want to put your best ‘look’ forward! A business funding package can help by getting you the staff, products, and cash flow you need to make this the best holiday season ever for your business.

Independent business financing specialists like the representatives at United Business Funding, get to know your business, your business needs, and desires. They are here to listen, learn about your business and help you by getting you the maximum amount you qualify for…fast! The application process is easy, and you can have the funds you need in as little as 2 days with affordable and flexible payback terms. Give us a try, but hurry, the holidays will be here before you know it.