Did you know that 70% of all exporting businesses in the U.S. have less than 20 employees? This means that small businesses all over the country are trying to navigate the supply chain crisis that even large, multi-billion-dollar companies can’t seem to figure out. Dealing with unprecedented times is probably something all business owners are tired of, but weathering the storm is doable with financial help through small business lenders that offer wholesale funding options, like United Business Funding. Financing solutions for distributors and wholesalers exist, you just have to know where to look.

Here’s how these small business loans can help you navigate the supply chain reality in the U.S…if we can even call it a supply chain at this point.

Common Misconceptions About Business Loans


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Understanding the Challenges You Face

At UBF, we do our best to become strategic partners with our clients, which means we have to become industry experts in many different fields. Understanding the supply chain challenges in front of wholesalers and distributors is complex, and it seems as if there are multiple problems developing at the same time, prolonging the struggle.

First, the great resignation has impacted all industries. Truckers in North America are on strike, looking for higher-paying jobs, lower mileage jobs, and different working conditions. On top of that, the supply chain has slowed so much that businesses are struggling to get the raw materials they need to create their inventory.

As the supply chain crisis continues to grow, customers are putting the demand on wholesalers and distributors to fix a plethora of issues at once, often running the teams ragged with too much work for one business to take on.


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Scratching the Surface

To be clear, we know that the problems are much more complex than we could fit into the above paragraph, but we also know that at a high level, your teams are being tasked with too much work, navigating difficult conversations daily, and bending over backward to try and find solutions.

Creative problem-solving costs money. Hiring more help costs money. Dealing with unhappy customers costs money. The supply chain crisis isn’t just pulling at your time, it’s also pulling from your business’s bank account.

Business funding for importers, exporters, and other wholesalers is ready and available to help alleviate some of the financial pressure this crisis has placed on businesses around the world. Financing solutions for distributors and wholesalers doesn’t have to be that complicated. At UBF, we get you the cash you need in just days after you’re approved. Whether you need to boost your inventory, hire more transportation employees, or even upgrade your equipment, we’ve got you covered.


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Let UBF Help Solve Your Problems

Consider UBF your partner! Not only do we want the supply chain issues to be resolved (so we can order more stuff online that we don’t need), but we want these issues to be resolved so your business can get out from under the mountain of challenges you may still be navigating since Covid. Let UBF help you with wholesale business loans get through these tough times.

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