Small retailers are used to big department stores throwing their weight around unabashedly, without a care in the world who they harm in the process. As recently as last year, during a global pandemic, there was case after case of large name retailers applying (and receiving!) PPP loans from the government. These loans were specifically designed to help small businesses survive the economic hardships being thrown at them, but big box stores took advantage of the situation, played the system, and hurt small businesses in the process.

If you’re a retailer, you know what it’s like to fight the uphill battle against other retailers that are exponentially larger, have exorbitant amounts of cash flow, and seemingly endless resources. Knowing all the tools you have at your disposal is critical for surviving in a world that seems to cater to the big guy instead of the little guy. Small business loans can be your answer to fighting the retailers who threaten your livelihood on a daily basis without a second thought, here’s how:


Common Misconceptions About Business Loans


Access to Premium Products or Materials

One of the biggest challenges when competing with large department stores is that they have access to materials at extremely low rates that are out of reach for small retailers. The quantities they buy get bulk discounts that make them hard to compete with. One way to get around this is to offer better quality products. A business finance package from United Business Funding is one way to get the cash you need to invest in nicer materials or products to offer to your customers. This strategy may require a large sum of cash for you to aquire the higher quality products your customers request which is where a small business loan could come in.

Gavel and Cash

Legal Fees Always Cost Money. Be Prepared to Pay!

Legal Fees

Let’s not kid ourselves here, big retailers are known for ripping off designs and product ideas from smaller retailers and selling those products for cheaper prices, which again, is nearly impossible to compete against. If a design or product that you have rights to has been ripped off by a large retailer, legal action may be the right step. We aren’t legal advisors, but we do know that pursuing legal action can be costly, so if you need some financial cushion during the process, United Business Funding can help.


Navigating Supply Chain Struggles as a Wholesale Business


Strategic Business Decisions

Garnering more market share is critical for small retailers. It may not be in the cards to gain as much market share as your giant competitors, but making strategic business moves that set you apart in the eyes of consumers can make a huge difference in your business growth. Often, strategic business decisions require capital. If you don’t have cash on hand, a small business loan can enable you to move quickly whenever necessary.


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